Refresh Yourself With Pure, Contaminant-Free Water

Taste the difference water treatment can make in Greene, ME

Does your water look muddy, taste metallic or smell like rotten eggs? Don't just keep drinking it-turn to Affordable Water Treatment & Maine Radon Pro, LLC for reliable water treatment services. We'll respond quickly to treat your water supply, so your family can enjoy drinking water that's free of harmful substances.

You can do your own water testing by getting an easy-to-use kit from our store in Greene, ME.

Don't put your home on the market without testing for radon

Are you trying to sell your house? Give potential buyers peace of mind by getting a radon testing kit from Affordable Water Treatment & Maine Radon Pro. If the results indicate that your house has high levels of this dangerous gas, you can rely on us to complete a thorough radon mitigation.

Go to the Radon Mitigation page now to learn more about the services we provide to residents of the Greene, ME area.