arsenic-water-filterArsenic is odorless, colorless and tasteless, so you cannot see it,smell it or detect it by drinking water. The only sure way to tell if you have an arsenic problem is to have your water tested. Arsenic and other heavy metals have been linked to numerous health issues, but fortunately there are solutions available to reduce, or remove, heavy metals from your drinking water.

Common options for reducing, or removing, the arsenic from your water supply are using filtration systems at either the point of entry (into the home or building) or the point of use (IE. kitchen faucet).

We will break down the options for you and help guide you into making the best decision for you and your family. Affordable Water Treatment & Maine Radon Pro are upfront about the initial cost and most importantly long term costs. 



GreenPro_POE (point of entry) for Arsenic (285kb PDF)

GreenPro_POU (point of use) for Arsenic (281kb PDF)

npXtra-POE (point of entry) for Arsenic (1969kb PDF)