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Rotten Egg Odor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Hydrogen Sulfide is a gas which smells strongly like rotten egg odor in water. It results from the decay of organic matter with organic sulfur and the presence of certain types of bacteria. Even very low concentrations are offensive as well as highly corrosive (silver tarnishes almost immediately upon contact with H2S).

Because it is in the form of a gas, H2S cannot be collected in a sample bottle for laboratory water analysis. Therefore its presence must be reported when a sample is submitted for a treatment recommendation.

The Airregen aeration tank naturally mixes air and filter media with water to precipitate iron, manganese, and sulfur odor.


There are two types of systems for water treatment, which can include an IronGate or an Airregen.

The Iron Gate Filter traps the iron, manganese, and sulfur to eliminate iron and manganese staining, rotten egg odor, murky water, sediment, and acid water.